The Elementary Classroom

Our elementary-level Montessori program focuses on developing students through an innovative curriculum that includes nine areas: Language, geography, history, biology, music, mathematics, art, physical education, and cosmic education, which encourages children to think about their role and responsibility in society.


We offer comprehensive instruction in reading, writing and speaking in a manner that prepares children for the next level of their education. We immerse students in the beauty of language by poetry, prose and discussion. When students understand the wonders of language, they are encouraged to explore the endless possibilities that language can offer.


Our geography instruction begins with our own surroundings, so students learn to appreciate the beauty and wonder that is literally in their own backyards. The goal of this part of the curriculum is to have children view the mountains and oceans that surround them with informed curiosity to inspire a thirst for deeper knowledge about the physical world.


We explore the history of the physical world and human civilization. Students will not only learn about significant events, but of world cultures and universality of the human experience. We teach history as a way to understand the past, as well as our present and future.


Our study of the biological world includes includes animals, plants and physiology. Using hands-on learning techniques, children get a solid foundation towards understanding this crucial branch of science.


Children learn how to read and write music and then get to put it into practice through singing exercises each day.

Cosmic Education 

Giving children a cosmic education is a key component of Dr. Maria Montessori’s teachings. She believed that children should be educated in “unifying global and universal views of the past, present and future.” Through a variety of fun and educational activities and exercises, we help children understand their place and their relationship to the world around them.


We give children a solid foundation for understanding abstract mathematical concepts by introducing them to the structure of the decimal system, the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and other key concepts.

Physical Education

We encourage active play that is safe and fun. This helps children develop physical strength, motor skills, personal confidence and social development.  As part of our physical education curriculum, we offer flexibility and strength training, as well as nutrition education.


Through our art education program, children learn the basic techniques of a variety of media, including watercolors, chalks, pastels, clay, colored pencil drawing and collage.

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