Toddler Classroom

In our toddler programs, we apply Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy by satiating your child’s natural desire to learn with materials and curricula that appeal to their senses and curiosity.

Hands-on Learning

Toddlers are budding individuals who want to learn practical skills and independence.  We make good use of that energy by providing safe and educational hands-on materials and activities that develop their intellectual and motor skills. Some examples include:

  • Learning colors through art projects
  • Practicing self-dressing skills with Velcro fasteners and button frames
  • Using child-proof utensils to practice cutting soft foods

Language Development

Toddlers are beginning to process and analyze the world around them. To express themselves, they need language. That’s why we help them develop these skills with activities that engage their minds:

  • Vocabularies are strengthened through object-naming activities and guided, beginner reading and writing sessions
  • Self-expression is encouraged by our expert guides who understand toddlers’ communication habits and know how to bring out their innate language skills
  • Music and movement are incorporated into the curriculum to enhance the child’s listening skills, strengthen memory skills, and give them a sense for rhythm and timing.

Absorbent Mind

The young child, particularly from 0-3, possesses an ability to unconsciously, indiscriminately and effortlessly absorb through his senses all that is his/her environment. This environment includes everything – the venue, the objects within it, and the people inhabiting it, as well as the perceptions and experiences that take place there.

Sensitive Periods

This term refers to a specific time (i.e., 0-3) when the child has a special sensibility or receptiveness for acquiring a particular trait or human characteristic. The Sensitive Periods are like an inner urge which guide the child, drawing him to certain activities in the environment which aid his development. Sensitive Periods for the 0-3 child are for Movement Order, and Language.

The Prepared Environment

In order for the staff to prepare an environment that is ordered, engaging, challenging and fulfilling for each child, they take into consideration the importance of the Absorbent Mind and the Sensitive Periods – giving lots of attention to detail. The trained Montessori teacher uses her strong general knowledge of human development combined with the specific knowledge she gains of each individual child in her care to prepare an environment that meets their changing needs.

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