A trusted partner in the Laguna Niguel community for 25 years

Laguna Niguel Montessori Center has been a part of the community since 1995. During this time, we’ve established strong relationships with thousands of parents who credit our school with providing their children with a high-quality Montessori education in a safe and nurturing environment.

Here are what some parents had to say about their experience with us in their own words:

” Dear Ms. Debbie,

I wanted to take a moment and thank you, Ms. Elena, Ms. Roshani and Ms. Renee for the last three fabulous years. We have been very pleased with Jahaan’s growth-emotionally and academically. Ms. Elena is a wonderful loving and caring teacher and has helped Jahaan begin his learning. Ms. Roshani has been excellent in continuing his academic growth. She has helped him evolve emotionally and intellectually. Her attention to his academic growth with a loving yet firm style, has helped him flourish. Jahaan loves coming to school every day and it is because of all the wonderful teachers. We are always so eager to complain, but seldom take the time to say thank you when things are going well. Jahaan has been blessed to have these amazing teachers in his life. We wanted you to know how pleased we are and have no doubt Jahaan will have an excellent experience in your kindergarten class next year. We so look forward to Shahaanah joining soon!

Thank you and thank you to your amazing staff! ”


” Debbie,

Just want to say thank you for Chiara’s great years at Montessori; just an incredible school and a wonderful education. We appreciate your kindness too! We shall miss this school so much!”

Caroline and Pasquale Manta

” Dear Ms. Debbie,

Long time no see! I thought I’d let you know that the boys just graduated from Vanderbilt University in Tennessee!. Both boys graduated with advanced engineering degrees (proud parent moment). I often look back when people ask me the key to the kid’s success and without hesitation; I say the foundations of learning and curiosity started at your Montessori School. The wonderful teachers who nurtured and guided my sons are priceless. Allowing a child to explore and discover that he loves to learn cannot be underestimated. You simply can’t put a price on these early years and the building blocks provided. I hope you are all doing well and we will stop by soon to see everyone.

Warm Wishes, ”

L. Porchia

“While Preston Brinker was at Laguna Niguel Montessori…

Ms. Debbie developed & ran a school that took the Grand Prize above all other schools.
Ms. Tammy welcomed each & every child by name. She answered each & every question by child or parent with always the most beautiful smile, grace & patience.
Ms. Athana lovingly taught the children & parents about so much more than Level Work & academics in the favorite preschool classroom. The children were nurtured from hesitant toddlers to thriving 5 year olds. Parents were guided from fumbling caregivers to proud supporters of their children.
Ms. Susan was there with a warm heart & always a hand to hold. Children & parents alike basked in her reassuring smiles.
Daycare & playtime was happily guided by Ms. Cami & Ms. Adriana. Fun games & comforting hugs assured of their parents’ return.
Ms. Jeanne’s quick humor & confidence made children & parents grin. Children were thankful for her constant helping hand & parents were thrilled with her artistic displays.
Mrs. Eng was famous throughout the land. Parents fought hand over fist to reach her coveted classroom. Children reached success in all areas & grew into leaders. Parents beamed & cried tears of joy, knowing they had all done their best.

Thank you all for teaching our son!”

The Brinker Family

“To the Staff at LNMC

I would like to highly recommend Laguna Niguel Montessori Center. As a first time mom, I was absolutely terrified to leave my child in the care of strangers. I spent atleast a week crying in the lobby, sure that it would be the last time I saw my child!. The patient and loving administration held my hand, wiped my tears and assured me everything would be just fine. A likely story. My daughters teacher lovingly but firmly told me to say a quick goodbye and leave. What happened next was a surprise to me. After a few days my child skipped, yes, skipped, into school with a smile on her face. What’s this I thought?! Could my child actually enjoy school, the teachers her friends?? Well the answer was clearly yes. My child thrived in the Montessori environment. She made friends, loved her teachers and was excited about learning. I can’t thank you all enough for getting me over the hump, my child was obviously great. We just completed our third year and will be moving away from our new found Montessori family. I have a whole new set of tears at the thought of goodbyes!Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do every single day for children. They are blessed to have you.

Much Love and Admiration,”

Mary T

“There are no words to describe the incredible gifts you have given our children and family. We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the loving and caring teachers and staff who helped shape our children into the people they are today. We will always remember your school for the warm and respectful environment as well as for the outstanding education that Tessa, Isaiah and Ashton received, over the past five years. Each and every staff member and teacher have been exceptional individuals who, everyday, greeted us and our children with a smile and a hello, making us feel welcomed and cared for. The children have learned so much at LNMC and have made many wonderful memories that won’t be forgotten. We are all sad to leave your school, but will always appreciate everything you have given to our children! .”

The Jacobs Family

“Hi Debbie.

We sent both of our children to Laguna Niguel Montessori and couldn’t have been happier with our decision. The school is outstanding. When I looked for a preschool, I only wanted accredited schools and your school was the only accredited Montessori school at the time. Our children started in preschool and continued through kindergarten and first grade. All of their teachers were outstanding.

My children excelled academically with the teachers’ guidance. They allowed my children to progress at their own pace and gave them work appropriate for them in order to keep them challenged. My children loved being there and going to school. They had fun in the after school program as well. I would highly recommend Laguna Niguel Montessori and already have to others.

Thank you for educating my children.”

Susan Dindot, MD

“Hi Ms. Debbie,

My son Aiden kept getting first place in his class spelling bees, and one of the kids yelled out, “we can’t compete with you; we didn’t go to a pre-school as good as the one you went to”!

Just about every child we know from Laguna Niguel Montessori Center attending Valencia, is now in the GATE program.

My kids learned so much about so many subjects including art and artists, composers, animals, geography, and the fundamentals of numbers. Very importantly they also learned how to be neat and organized and how to manage time and how to work and learn and progress systematically. These are skills that will stay with them and help them through out their lives.

All of the above was learned while having fun, feeling good about themselves and moving at their own

pace with just the right amount of encouragement.

The teachers and staff made our kids feel safe and loved and well taken care of. My kids love school, they love learning, and they love themselves because of their experience at Laguna Niguel Montessori.

THANK YOU !!!! ”

Mrs. R.M.

” Dear Ms Debbie,

There are no words big enough to let you know how thankful we are to you & your amazing school!!!

We are so grateful for everything we will miss you so much but will forever remember you.


Love always ”

Christopher, Jenny & Bnno

“Ms. Debbie

As Kurt moves on, we want to thank you for providing such a wonderful environment for him to grow and learn. We feel so fortunate to have found Laguna Niguel Montessori Center. We truly enjoyed our three years here and felt like we were meant to be here. We hope you continue the wonderful service that you provide the community for years to come. We wish you all the best. Thank you!


Mike, Triss, and Kurt Chesney

“Laguna Niguel Montessori

Thanks to the wonderful teachers and program at the Laguna Niguel Montessori (LNM) my son has excelled academically in school. After attending LNM from preschool through 1st grade we entered into the public school system feeling our children had a solid base to succeed. In his new school he was given the standard state testing and placed over 90% in the state. In addition I put him in an extra academic enrichment program for the summer and their testing before entering into the program placed him two grade levels ahead in reading.

The Laguna Niguel Montessori porved to be successful and rewarding for my son.

Heartfelt Thanks, ”

Tina Davis

“Dear Debbie,

Thank you for orchestrating an environment that fosters creativity, critical thinking and fun. We feel truly blessed to had Sophie at Montessori and thank you and the staff for an exemplary program.

Best wishes, ”

The Nenninger family

” Debbie,

Thank you for the last 4 years. There is simply no price on your gift to my child!

Sincerely, ”

Lori B.

” To: Head of School,

I wanted to write and express my utmost appreciation and respect for everyone at Laguna Niguel Montessori and of course Eva’s teachers in room 3, Specifically Miss Helen and Miss Tati.

My daughter, Eva Ebrahim has been enrolled in their class and her progress and growth has been simply phenomenal. A recent example of this positive influence was when I was reading a book for Eva the other night and she really exceeded my expectations.

As I tested her further on her readings skills, she continued to try to impress me by challenging herself further to read more complicated words and of course I was continuing to encourage her. Well the moment I told my daughter that I am indeed very proud of her and that I can’t wait to tell her teacher the next morning, she simply shined and couldn’t wait for the morning to arrive.

This to me is priceless level of respect that as a parent I really appreciate and wanted to express my gratitude towards her teachers. I would like to thank your teachers for their amazing talent, affection and of course discipline in their teaching techniques.

We are strong believers in the Montessori system and are proud of the discipline and constructive procedure of room 3. We find the balance of affection and care to make our daughters learning experience what we consider “best in class”. I feel privileged my child has been exposed to the various extra curricular activities managed and arranged by their teachers, and proud that they have been influenced and inspired by your high standards.

Thank you again ”

Brandon Ebrahim

” Dear Ms. Debbie,

This has probably been said so many times before, but it wouldn’t hurt to say it again. You have an excellent school! Our personal experience here has been nothing short of outstanding.

Thank you! ”

Mr. & Mrs. D

” Miss Debbie,

We wanted to take the time to thank you for the amazing education our children received at Laguna Niguel Montessori Center over the last six years. We wholeheartedly recommend your school and wanted to write this letter for you to provide to any parent sitting on the fence about LNMC.

Our older daughter attended your school for three years through pre-kindergarten and our younger daughter attended three years through first grade. The relaxed and thoughtful environment gave both of our girls the foundational skills to be lifelong learners. The teachers were always gentle but strict, respectful and kind. It as a safe, clean, beautiful school. Our daughters enjoyed the music, art and field trips. They excelled in reading and math through the Montessori methods. They always looked forward to seeing their other friends at school and doing the Montessori work.

While tuition can be a struggle compared to other less expensive options, our family believes that the six years of private tuition at your school was well worth the expense as it put our daughters on an excellent path for learning. I will tell you that my older daughter and the other LNMC graduates were the children at public school who were most prepared for school. By the start of first grade, my older daughter was reading at a fourth grade level and doing advanced math. Based upon what I have seen, my younger daughter will likely follow suit.

Our other concern was that our children might not transition well to public school. The concern was wholly unwarranted. LNMC gives its students the ability to work independently. Interestingly, when our public school needed to pull together younger children to join a combination class, they unknowingly selected primarily LNMC children, as those children were pegged by their teachers as “independent learners.”

We have nothing but fond thoughts of LNMC. Thanks so much for running a fabulous school!

Thank you! ”

The Stevens Family