The mission of Laguna Niguel Montessori Center is to provide a Montessori education through highly qualified teachers and a thoughtfully prepared environment that meets the social, physical and analytic thinking skills of all students. Our students develop a keen sense of social awareness as well as a desire for a lifetime of learning.

Multi Age groupings:

Montessori believes that children thrive in an environment that encompasses a multi-age range. The benefits are equal to both the younger and the older students. The younger students have the opportunity to use the older children as models of behavior as well as having the distinct opportunity to watch the older students’ complete higher level activities. This results in a natural desire to achieve, rather than a “fear” of trying something new. Conversely, the older children see a multitude of benefits, by helping the younger children in the class. They are not only able to reinforce lessons they’ve already learned, but develop greater self confidence that continues throughout their second year in the classroom. All classrooms are equipped with materials that address the needs of all age groups. In Montessori classroom, a child will never reach “the ceiling”, and will be challenged from beginning to end. Multi-age grouping also creates a greater community feeling in the classroom, much like the students’ home life.

Currently our school offers a two year old classroom that serves children aged 24 months through 40 months (or potty trained). We also offer several preschool classrooms which serves children 2.5 through 5 years of age (must be potty trained). Finally, we offer an elementary program which serves children 4.9 through 7 years old.

Montessori Certified School