Our Outstanding Teachers

Our outstanding teaching staff set us apart: many of our staff members have been with us for nearly 20 years. Our veteran staff members are a wonderful resource for our new teachers, creating a teaching environment that fosters learning, collaboration, and community. Our lead teachers not only bring decades of experience, but also an intimate knowledge of Montessori pedagogy. Our lead teachers are required to hold Montessori certifications to provide our students with top-tier Montessori instruction. Our parent company supports and encourages newer staff to complete Montessori training to continue Maria Montessori’s legacy in the classroom.

Not Your Average Childcare Program

As an AMS (American Montessori Society) affiliate, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of Montessori pedagogy. All of our lead teachers are required to hold Montessori certifications. Children are active participants in their learning and have freedom within limits in the classroom. The classroom environment encourages independence, focus, concentration, and self-discipline. Children feel empowered by choosing their own work in the classroom and completing it for as long as they choose, thereby boosting self-confidence and self-concept. Montessori material is created based on Maria Montessori’s observations and analysis of child development; each piece of material facilitates learning, provides feedback to correct errors, and aims to teach children in multiple subjects and disciplines. Our Montessori classrooms support each individual child, with small and large group lessons carefully tailored to each child’s learning style. Our mixed-age classrooms allow younger children to learn from older peers and give older children the chance to master learning concepts by teaching them to younger students.

Our low student-teacher ratios support each developmental age group, optimize learning, and allow for individualized academic instruction. Our toddler classrooms operate under an 8:1 ratio and our primary classrooms operate under a 12:1 ratio. Children are free to move about the classroom comfortably, choosing when and how to interact with their peers during group work or individual work.

We utilize multiple discipline resources, starting with the teachings of Maria Montessori. Our classroom environment supports active listening and positive behaviors while also allowing teachers to use redirection when necessary. Our teachers are also trained in Positive Behavior Solutions to approach discipline with love, caring, and compassion.