At A Glance

This condensed explanation will acquaint you with the many advantages that Montessori offers your child.

  • The Montessori Method has been time-tested for over 100 years and has achieved success throughout the world.
  • Between the ages of 2 to 6 is when most of your child’s intelligence and social characteristics are formed. The Montessori curriculum includes multi-sensorial activities that develop cognitive skills during this critical time.
  • The teacher’s role is to give personal attention. She will not interfere with a child’s exploration, but will be readily available if help is required. She models behavior taught in the classroom.
  • The Montessori Method develops the whole personality of the child, not merely his or her intellect.
  • Each child is taught and assessed individually.
  • The child’s natural development of language is utilized in the process of learning to read.
  • The child has the unique opportunity to fulfill his potential.
  • Habits and skills developed in a Montessori classroom are useful throughout life.
  • Montessori children are self-directed, self-motivated and self-disciplined.
  • The Montessori Classroom is a land of opportunity for the child and a joyful place to be.